Shopping Diamonds and Luxury Watches in Los Angeles

Diamonds in Los Angeles? Look no further you got two super cool places that are both unique in their own ways. First stop is SN Queens in downtown Los Angeles.  They offer the most extensive collection of actual vintage engagement rings. They also specialize in engagement rings with rose cut and old minor cut diamonds. They are all handmade in Los Angeles and they are truly the best place to shop for anything handmade and antique. Check out their retail store or their online catalog for their beautiful engagement rings.

Second stop is for those buyers who just want a beautiful diamond hand selected by a GIA expert like Owen. Setup an appointment to see Owen and his beautiful hand selected diamonds and engagement rings. The Los Angeles diamond dealer Owen is here to help you get the most amazing diamond and the support and guidance you will truly appreciate and deserve.

If you’re a watch collector or just someone who just loves swiss made watches like Rolex and Cartier from a reputable watch dealer. Rolex watches at Authentic Watches are brand new, authentic and have a 3 year warranty. If you’re in the market for any Rolex model check them out as they have super competitive prices and top notch customer service!


Diamond Jewelry Retailers and Brands

Interesting facts about diamond jewelry online.

Their are many choices of buying diamond jewelry online from different type of merchants some are strictly e-tailers selling conflict-free certified GIA diamonds and diamond engagement rings that are made to order. Other retailers have brick and mortar stores and an online website such as Barclay’s Jewelers in Miami, Florida where you can find the best prices on Verragio engagement rings, Tacori engagement rings, and Natalie K engagement rings. Buying from an authorized retailer for a brand name items insures that you’re receiving authentic merchandise. Before you make a purchase we recommend you visit many of the designers websites to find local retailers such as Barkev’s has setup this for their collection of designer unique engagement rings available to purchase from their authorized retailers and their websites. There are many other designers such as Natalie K who specialize in engagement rings with their beautiful engagement ring designs and of course their are those designers who have designed award-winning designer engagement rings from Danhov and the same with Uneek by Benjamin Javaheri who also designs unique engagement rings which have won numerous notable awards from many different industry authorities Uneek also has a selection of beautiful fancy colored diamond engagement rings view here to see Natureal Collection.

For those who are looking for fine diamond jewelry with a budget look no further because Coronet offer’s a beautiful collection of diamond jewelry. Warn by bloggers and stylists. Check out Coronet’s collection of diamond jewelry. Last but not least for those who are looking to buy beautiful diamond earrings for any occasion (Birthdays, Wedding Gifts, Anniversary Gifts, or just because you want to) Shop at the internets authority for stud earrings.





Why it’s the Right Time to Sell Your Diamonds

For many, the time has come to purge their home in the nesting pattern that often overtakes at the dawn of a new year. This year as you are making the difficult decision of what to keep, toss, or sell take another look at your jewelry box.

People often overlook the hidden value that could be lurking among your shiny treasures. Now though is the time to take those diamond treasures to a place like and cash in on the peak in the current market cycle. We all want to get the most that we can for the things that we choose to part with, that instinct is only natural. So, what makes now the right time to sell your diamond jewelry?

There are several factors that have collided to make now the perfect time to sell those unwanted diamonds. First of all, the diamond market itself is at an all time high in terms of value to an overall increase in global demand. Many countries have seen an explosion of their middle class in recent years and as an extension of that, there is an entirely new group of people that are clambering to show off their new found social status with the ultimate example of wealth: the diamond. Then, at the same time that this new demand is emerging, the resources from the diamond mines are becoming stagnant. No new diamond mines have been discovered in recent years which mean that the diamonds that are currently in circulation become that much more valuable to the consumers that are seeking to flaunt their new found wealth. Even if a new mine was discovered tomorrow, experts estimate that it would be several years before the new mind would be capable of producing enough diamonds to impact the demand and price in the market. That means that those who are looking to expand their diamond collection will pay a premium price to gain the object of their affection.

At Gemstrust we specialize in completing the seamless process that will allow you to take advantage of the peak in the market and part with those items that you no longer need. The only thing left is for you to decide what you will do with all that newfound wealth. If you’re in the market to sell your high-end luxury Rolex watch you can also sell it to watch buyers such as Ramerica fine jewelry visit their website online at or call 888-429-0888.